iAdvize's design system kit

Over the years, we've been working to develop the interface you see and use everyday. We hope assembling and documenting our most common patterns will improve our users’ experience, strengthen consistency within our product, speed up our creative process and simplify the dialogue between designers and developers.
The iAdvize design system kit is also a way to onboard new designers and developers by giving them all the tools they need to grow and create.
Kilt is a living style guide, like us, it'll adapt, learn and change.

Visuals for an enhanced user experience

All the colors, buttons, fonts and illustrations we are using are here to improve our product and must enhance the user experience.

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A specific tone for specific users

Our product supports our users throughout the day. And to enhance this relationship we must have a consistent tone.

User-centered methods

Our job is to improve the daily life of each user, whoever they are. Each decision, each feature must be thought for all our users.

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Use & re-use our components

To be consistent across our product, we’re working to keep the same elements. It helps build our users’ confidence in the platform.

Illustrations to evoke emotions

To have a fun and enjoyable experience, we punctuate our product with illustrations.

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Take a look at our resources

To work hand in hand with the product managers, developers and all the company we've developed and built tools. Take a look at them!

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