Colors serve our purpose. They have to be vibrant, full of energy and positive. According to our product, we declined 3 main color schemes, a colorful one and a grey one.

Vivid colors

We built our color scheme around our green color, iAdvize’s DNA. To create movement and relief in our illustrations we defined shadow and light colors.

Green shadow
Green light
Blue shadow
Blue light
Yellow shadow

Human diversity

Illustrating human diversity is a big challenge. We have defined skin tone and hair color schemes that match our vibrant colors.

Light skin
Light skin shadow
Mid skin
Mid skin shadow
Dark skin
Dark skin shadow


Whether it is for product or marketing content, we needed shades of grey to illustration active content, backgrounds, etc. We have defined a grey color scheme that is slightly colored.

Light grey blue
Mid grey blue
Dark grey blue
Grey know has 'Blob'

Compose with colors

Illustrations should have the right color balance. They shouldn’t take too much space on our interface. We defined some best practices:

  • White is not our enemy but it creates space and contrast with vibrant colors!
  • create white space
  • Green is our DNA, our spine. This color must appear in illustrations, as a big actor or as a little touch.
  • green is our DNA
  • To create depth and stay focused on the meaning behind the illustration, all backgrounds should be in grey tones. Colors are for main elements. grey tones for background
  • Icons on/off

    Colors and illustrations help us show when an element is activated or deactivated. The first one must be in vibrant colors, the second one in grey tones. Users should understand in no time if the feature or the selection is activated or not.

    color mode on and off