IIllustrations are not just pieces put together randomly. In order for it to transfer a message, a visual needs context: who are they? Where are they? The composition of illustrations is a vast topic, this section aims at showing our focus on the human side and movements.

Human in illustration

Representing people is a real challenge, it’s not just about putting faces here and there, we want our illustrations to be human-centered. Here are a few choices we made to represent people:

Plans & organization

To remain consistent in all our illustrations we defined an illustration organization. Big illustrations must include a background to create depth and add more context. A grey “globby” shape allows us to define an illustration scope. Adding an horizontal line, adds depth and creates a imaginary perspective.
To stay focused on one meaning by illustration, you should only color the main elements of each illustration. It will help the user understand the illustration.

Our illustrations allow us to play with scales, sizes and reality. For instance, people can be smaller than a computer, emojis can dance around people, etc. Everything is possible in this universe as long as it tells a story.

Details and movement

To add this little pinch of magic, we use sprinkles and tiny details in our illustrations. We created a design details library which is easy to use with all our illustrations.