How to use

Whether it is to illustrate a keynote, an email sent to customers or made for internal use or any other needs, it is important to ensure consistency across all our visuals. With these few rules, you will be able to use illustrations in two mouse movements


Be sure to use them in the right context. Illustrations must be used to illustrate a purpose. So, please don't speak about a mobile device and show a minitel for example. Of course, you can be creative and fun but keep in mind what you want to say via this illustration.

right context

Keep it simple.

To remain clear and explicit, don’t overload your presentation with illustrations.

keep it simple

Stay light

Use them on a white background or on a white circle if you really need a darker background.

stay light

Keep them as they are

When you resize an illustration, please keep the initial ratio width by height. Don't stretch a visual, even if you really want to put this illustration in this tiny space!

keep them as they are

We create illustrations out of passion and we would like to maintain an homogenous universe. Please don't change the colors of these visuals even if your presentation is full of purple and glitter and you want purple and shiny illustrations.

Please don't change colors

Please avoid creating your own scenery by associating various illustrations or deleting elements in an illustration. If you need a specific illustration, read below and send us a request.

Don't recompose

Don't be Gulliver in a Lilliputians world

Try to keep consistency with sizes. Big illustrations such as empty screens include more details than little illustrations such as icons. The bigger the illustration is, the more details we will add. Even if you can resize illustrations to fit with your media, please avoid using big illustrations on tiny media and vice versa.

Don't be Gulliver in a Lilliputians world


Even if we try to provide you with the best library of illustrations possible, we can't (yet) illustrate our entire universe. If you need a very specific illustration or you don't have any inspiration please send us a message. The clearer and explicit you are, the easier it is for us! Give us some context, share your idea, what you want to see on the illustration, format(s) and size(s).